Fly…Like A Raven!

Last week was a unique week for me.  I was interviewed for a TV news story and also for a newspaper article.  So, how did I get to be so special – at least for one week?  I didn’t win the lottery or do anything heroic.  All I did, was start a Baltimore Ravens meet-up group for the Washington, DC metro area (predominantly Northern Virginia).  In only two years our group has grown to over 250 members.  That, by itself, would certainly not have gotten me profiled in the news.  However, last week was Super Bowl week, with the Big Game being played on Sunday.  As organizer of the group, I was called upon to represent Baltimore Ravens fans (in a Washington Redskins town).

As most everyone knows by now, The Baltimore Ravens are the new Super Bowl Champs.   The days leading up to the Super Bowl, my eyes were glued on the NFL Network and ESPN.  I watched commentator after commentator predict a 49’ers victory, with very few exceptions.  The Ravens were clearly underdogs, yet despite the majority of pundits predicting their demise, they came out victorious.

So why am I writing a blog about football?  The first reason would be because I am a Ravens fan.  I have had season tickets, and have been regularly going to their home games since 1999.  But why, dear reader, should you care, especially if you are not a Ravens fan?  From a business and life perspective, it makes me think that no matter how many times in life we may be doubted, through hard work and perseverance, victory or success is most certainly within our reach.

Which brings me to my new favorite quote.  It summarizes the most basic key to success, and can be applied to almost anything in life.   Commitment is what transforms a promise into reality – Abraham Lincoln

Steve, aka The Guy from 4Staff.

P.S.  Last year, I wrote a blog called “Meet-up, Greet-up, Get up and Go” .   If you are looking for something to do, or to meet people to do activities with, you should look into  You can also find my Ravens group there  If you live in the Northern Virginia, DC area and happen to root for the Ravens, come join our flock.